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Public Cloud Services – Atlas Network Services LLC
Public Cloud Services

The cloud has completely changed the way organizations utilize technology.  But what is it? Simply put a public cloud is a collection of shared servers, storage and networking hosted by a solution provider. Typically the equipment is located in a network of highly secure data centers.

One advantage of a public cloud is flexibility. You can set up a server in minutes. You no longer have to take months to procure and set up a physical server. It is also very easy to scale up or down. If your application grows, you simple add more resources. And if you no longer need it, you can shut it down.

Another benefit is cost. Servers, storage and networking are costly capital expenses. With a public cloud you only pay for the computing power that you need at a low cost per month. The resources are shared and you only pay for what you use.

Some applications are perfectly suited to move to the public cloud:


Lowest monthly cost option.  No capital expense.  Very easy to get started, can have a virtual machine up and running in minutes.  Flexible scaling, add and remove processors, RAM and storage when needed.  Remote access to applications from any internet connected device.  Hosted in highly secure data center.


Multi-tenant servers means that several clients run on virtual machines on the same server.  This can affect performance if you another application requires additional I/O.

Free Cloud Readiness Assessment

It is important to take a comprehensive look at your environment to see if you can save money moving some applications to the cloud.  You need to look at more than your applications.  A change to your infrastructure requires an evaluation of your data, your network and your processes.

Atlas Network Services offers a free Cloud Readiness Assessment that will help you determine what can move to the cloud, what can’t and any risks involved.  Request your assessment today.