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Private Cloud – On Premise – Atlas Network Services LLC
Private Cloud – On Premise


A private cloud  hosted on premise it often regarded as the beginning of the journey, rather than the destination. Private clouds are ideal for low bandwidth environments, more sensitive data or instances when you need to guarantee performance. Some applications that make a lot of sense for private clouds include:

Highly Integrated Applications 

Large File Repositories 


Enterprise Resource Planning 


  • All the benefits of ownership which include resources dedicated to your business and complete control.
  • Reduced Internet bandwidth requirements and cost.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership.

The On Premise Cloud Solution is a collection of Hardware running a Virtual Server Platform. Simply stated: specialized servers configured for maximum output, with the smallest footprint possible and set up for high virtual server availability, redundancy and disaster recovery.

Most businesses will start their adoption of the cloud by employing the ‘Cloud’ technology used by data centers first. By converting physical servers to Virtual ones, a company will benefit immediately and position itself to easily off load appropriate computing systems to a data center.