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How We Do IT – Atlas Network Services LLC
How We Do IT

Assess and Research

We never assume to know the needs of an organization without first studying their infrastructure and researching the latest technology for their industry.  We follow our protocol even if we already have several clients in their respective industry. Experience has taught us each organization is unique and for us, each new customer is an opportunity for scientific growth. The practice of research may seem boring, and the tendency to relearn what we seemingly have already conquered may seem tedious, but the opposite is true. We are a part of an industry that rewards modern adaptation with a competitive edge, and we aim to stay ahead.

Design and Test

How can we guarantee functionality for proposed infrastructure developments? We run them in our  Virtual Lab! Our virtual infrastructure allows us to duplicate complex real world scenarios with virtual infrastructure. We can reproduce an organization’s IT environment from firewalls to workstations and even experiment with improvements in real time. All without affecting a client’s productivity or exposing them to potential downtime. When was the last time you knew what was going to go wrong BEFORE you adopted new tech? Our Virtual Testing System provides this sort of data every day. If this sounds outstanding to you, we concur. The rise of virtual infrastructure technology is one of the most significant developments in IT thus far. We enjoy working with it every day and the benefits to our clients are truly spectacular.

Consult and Implement

At this stage we present our findings, discuss options and work with our client to determine a long-term strategy and a roadmap for successful adoption. Staying ahead of the technology curve may be born out of necessity, but that does not make new tech any easier to adopt.  We find some organizations come to us not lacking the right technology, but the proper execution. Nothing is more frustrating to a manager than spending resource and treasure for something that ends up underutilized. We have seen this scenario entirely too often which is why we consider every client our partner and each partner’s goals our own. At the implementation stage of any project, you can expect an exemplary display of problem solving and communication skills from our team. After all, we are now talking about ‘our system’.  The ultimate goal is 100% adoption and 100% utilization of every Business Management system, and we will commit whatever time and energy is required to make sure our clients get the support they need in meeting this mark.

Monitor and Manage

How do we ensure maximum up time? Our Secure Management Platform (SMP) monitors critical infrastructure in real time. The SMP can eliminate most support calls because our integrated system can resolve common issues before they affect productivity. We use a reflexive methodology where most common problems have a prepared solution ready, just waiting to be triggered by the SMP.  Less common or more complex issues detected by the SMP are reported directly to our Network Operations Center which enables us to provide support often before a customer realizes there is something wrong.  In fact, roughly three-quarters of reported issues will come to us from the SMP rather than the client and these matters are often resolved without customer interaction. The best part? The cost of this service is already included in our Managed Services Agreement, and detailed reporting is available in real time. If you are getting anything less from your current provider, contact us for a free evaluation and prepare to be amazed.