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Atlas Network Services LLC – Atlas Network Services LLC

Cloud Services Can you eliminate your local footprint? Find out why larger companies use data centers instead, and what it can mean for your competitive edge. Learn More IT Systems On-premise, Cloud, or a Unified Solution. Find out what works best for your industry and how we overcome old barriers to new tech Network Security Can you afford real-time security monitoring? …Can you afford not to? Implementing Security Infrastructure is only the beginning. Managed Services Do you know where your IT dollars are going? Hire the firm with a business model built on transparency and innovation. Disaster Recovery State of the art Disaster recovery strategy, recover a single file or the entire infrastructure within minutes.

Network Design

Network architecture and support is at the core of what we do. Your networks should be scalable and redundant. The cost of which is often less than one downtime incident.

Budget Friendly

Simplify IT Management with a budget for all your business needs. By structuring short term costs today, we can help your company prepare for the cost saving technology of tomorrow.

Leading Technology

We are a technology provider and technology evolves, but not always for the better. We research, test and beta test every potential game changer so our customers can save sanity.

Real Time Response

When you need us, your call will be answered. Our record: 96.3% of calls get answered, the vast majority of the rest are returned within 10 minutes. No robots, no hold music just humans who care.

Helpful Staff

We hire just one level support personnel: The Expert. From the simple to the daunting, the engineer who answers your request will be qualified to resolve your problem.

Engineers Who Speak Your Language.

Understanding your IT professional is a common selling point nowadays. Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with poor communication when trying to solve a problem. Instead of hiring great customer support staff with lower IT knowledge, we pride ourselves in spending what it takes for the engineers who can speak your language. 

Experience on tap

If you’ve hired dependable and trustworthy IT Staff, Congratulations! We know how hard it is to find good team members. We also know the IT field is vast, and ultimately Experience makes the difference between an expense and return on your investment. Give your IT staff the edge! Hire us to evaluate, consult, manage large projects and even augment during vacation times.